Step One – What does Trauma-Informed mean in SYL? (20 minutes)

    Watch Learning Network Video: Shape Your Life (5 minutes) and discuss:

    1. Name THREE ways Shape Your Life coaches create trauma-informed boxing classes.

    2. How does Shape Your Life make sure participants have choices in boxing classes?


    Step Two – Learn from Shape Your Life Director, Dr. Cathy van Ingen (20 minutes)

    Watch a clip of Dr. van Ingen’s presentation at the University of Alberta. How does she, and the SYL coaches, ensure SYL participants feel safe?

    Name two unique challenges of running Shape Your Life as a physical fitness program.


    Step Three – Share what you have learned (20 minutes-1 hour)

    SYL uses a trauma-informed approach which takes into account the lasting effects trauma in the lives of participants. Trauma and violence-informed boxing is participant-centered and is built on knowledge about the impact of violence and trauma on people’s lives and health. We run SYL in a way that integrates this knowledge into all aspects of the boxing program in ways that foster participants’ safety, respect and empowerment.

    1. What is trauma-informed coaching?

    2. Is all trauma the same? Why or why not?

    3. SHARE something you learned about trauma-informed coaching with your preferred social network & include this link: How is SYL trauma and violence informed?


    1. Artwork below was completed by members of SYL. Check out the art and poetry here art_2018 Why might engaging in creativity be helpful for healing?
    2. What comes to mind when viewing the artwork above?
    3. How might you incorporate creativity/physical movement throughout your career?
    4. Now, use your own creativity to design a poster, poem, collage, power point, flyer, post card, video, skit, digital collage (or any other creative options you can think of!) to share what you have learned from completing SYL Education! 

    Share your final project with teachers, peers, friends, family, colleagues, community and social media! Samples below!

    Bound to Be Brave – Rebel
    Untitled – Vicious
    Portrait of Self – Zana