Step One – Learn about the mission of Shape Your Life (30 minutes)

    Students are invited to watch the videos Outside the Ring (4) and Outside the Ring (3), and read the mission of SYL here: What is Shape Your Life?

    Answer the questions below in writing or group discussion:

    1. Name two reasons Shape Your Life works to provide a space where healing might happen?

    2. Why is regaining control of the body important to SYL boxing members?

    3. Many view boxing as a violent sport and wonder how boxing is effective for survivors of gendered violence. After completing the reading and watching the videos, what have you learned about trauma informed boxing and its impacts on SYL boxing members?


    Step Two – Sonnja’s experiences (30 minutes)

    Watch Outside the Ring 3, and read SYL Success Story: Shredder 

    Answer these questions:

    1. Why do you think the physical aspect of healing is important for those who have experienced violence?

    2. What do you think Sonnja means by “you need to physically get it out of your body… it lives there.”

    3. Women who experience trauma are most likely offered “talk therapy” and medications to cope. Why might physical activity be helpful for survivors of trauma?

    4. SHARE an idea about how Shape Your Life boxing provides a space where healing may happen. Tweet it out using hashtag #TAKESHAPE


    Step Three – Explore SYL gym in 3D (10 minutes)

    Students may be interested in the set up and atmosphere. 

    Explore the Shape Your Life boxing gym by clicking here and moving your device around to see 3D images Explore SYL Gym 1 and Explore SYL Gym 2

    1. Is there anything that stands out to you when looking around the gym?

    2. Can you name three of the flags located on the ceiling of the SYL gym?

    3. You will notice a large sign that reads “Absolutely NO SPARRING.” Why is this significant at the SYL gym?

    4. Have you been to a boxing gym before? How does SYL look similar or different from a gym you have visited?