Step One – Exploring the prevalence data (30 minutes)

    Provide small groups of students with website links (Link to resources in US and Canada) and infographics below…(add any handouts from your institution).

    Questions to consider for open discussion, partner work or short answer response. 

    1. Which data points on the infographics impact you or interest you the most? Why?
    2. Write two questions you would ask about the most interesting data point. Do some preliminary research to answer your questions.
    3. Discuss what you think are the reasons most family violence does not get reported to the police?

    An alternative or additional activity:

    Use the infographics or other research:

    1. What are the prevalence data for gender-based violence in your community?
      1. Youth
      2. Trans people
      3. GLBTQI
      4. People with disabilities
      5. Minority groups
      6. Women
      7. Men
    2. How does your community data compare to the national data?

    Step Two – What is Shape Your Life Boxing? (20 minutes)

    Invite students to watch OUTSIDE THE RING video above (1.5 minutes long) and  answer the questions below in writing or discussion with other students.

    • What specific parts of the Shape Your Life program helped Deya?
    • How was Deya able to keep her abuse hidden?
    • Why does Deya think this kind of abuse can happen to anyone?

    Step Three – Explore music video (30 minutes; additional 30 for assessment)

    Invite students to watch and listen to the Shape Me – Nari video above. This song was created using experiences and words shared by the SYL participants. After watching the video, students may have an open discussion regarding their thoughts/questions or students may engage in a free write. 

    Topic ideas for the discussion or free write:

    1. What lyrics most impacted you? Why?

    2. What emotions did you feel while watching/listening?

    3. Throughout the SYL education steps, there are various forms of expression to encourage healing… such as movement, art and music. What other forms of expression which may encourage healing can you think of?

    ASSESSMENT: Ask students to think about violence within their own school or community. Students may answer questions in partners or short response. Students will then create a PSA and are invited to share with others. 

    If you or someone you know in your school or community was experiencing violence….

    1. Where could you go on your campus or school to seek help?
    2. Make a list of resources and share them with your classmates or friends.
    3. PSA: Create a public service announcement (video, tweet, picture) about your communities resources and SHARE with your twitter/facebook/instagram friends.

     PSA Example


    Provide the following links for students to access anytime.



    Students may have questions about a friend or family member in need of help. Be prepared to provide support or direct students to campus/school resources.